Wedding Colors

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Wedding Colors


If you are going to marry, then everything related to it becomes important. The venue, the wedding reception, the party and even the cake, but after all, the colors also counts and have an importance in this phenomenon. Keep the specifications of colors in mind and select the proper one.Surely you want to give a delicate & magical effect, so for this it is advisable to choose ‘base colors.’Everything should be well manage & coordinated including the dress, flowers, the cake, the decoration and even the seats.

It is very easy to think over it and select a dreamy color for your wedding, which is called the theme color. The color should speak and communicate some meanings. They should be near to your choice.A part from that, there are other angles to think over them.Color indicates a powerful meaning and represents seasons and feelings. Always remember that your selected colors make a combination and create a particular mood for your wedding. Take these items and make your wedding day gleeful & jolly.

Seasonal color.


In spring choose soft & cool colors to make your mind cool and comfort, like silver tones, baby pink, pale sky blue, mint green, rich cream, and soft lilac.


This is hot season and everyone gets rid of his or her cloths. Take soft and polite colors like, rich peaches, pale blues, balmy mid-purples, baby yellows, and ice whites.


In autumn you may give your vote in favor of dark pink, warming burgundies, claret red, copper and olive green.


Every one trembles and shiver, so choice dark colors. The dark color absorbs heat and gives you comfort. Like icicle blues, frosty tone of cream or white and from ivory to pale coffee cream. The themed colors related to winter, let in silvery grey.

Meaningful color

The world is full of colors and emotions. Every color has it meaning and tone. It speaks wordlessly but you may hear its voice. These are traditional specifications of colors:

Light Blue is for healing, happiness and patience.

Dark blue represents the change.

Green indicates the fertility, growth and money.

Orange shows the energy and stimulation.

Pink suggests friendship & love.

Purple expresses healing, meditation, spiritualism.

Red proposes for courage, passion, health, protection, strength etc.

Yellow is for attraction, intellect, study.

When you choose white, it gives you protection, purification and peace.


Use of Stylish Decorations to Create a Memorable Aisle

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Use of Stylish Decorations to Create a Memorable Aisle


If you planned to wed in a church, then decorate its entrance, alter and aisles. The decoration on aisles adds impressive & touchy affect on the invitees. Wedding decoration on aisle makes the occasion unforgettable, when the bride walk up to the aisle.

Surely the aisle decoration doesn’t give any affect to the bride. The proper decoration improves the feeling tone of your guests and gives them a charming idea of what to expect at this frighten event.

The most vital decoration for aisle is the use of runner for walking purpose. It plays the role of a centerpiece for the church ceremony. Whenever your guests enter in the church they will look at it first. Don’t go for a white roll of paper or fabric for walking, but take the simple runner. There are so many optional items for walking but a runner provides a unique decoration and satisfies the bride & groom.

You may paint the runner by yourself in different colors. You always face a problem and became a little bit confused that what should be the color of aisle runner. They easy way for selecting a runner color is to give it a matching with the bouquet of the bride. The monogram can be painted with the matching of other items that make a tone for the wedding, like any special emblem which may be seen on the invitations.

Long bench with backs; used in church by the congregation drive may be decorated for improving the aisle beauty. These benches are called pews that may give a special effect by bows that can be made out of particular ribbons or tulle, for families and other guests.

The pews may be emphasized with elegant flowers and may be designed to match with the aisle runner and the bouquet of the bride.

It is necessary to create particular pew bows. If you have not any knowledge about it, go to any craft store to see the ready-made bows. For unique bows on their pews take help from internet and magazines.

If the budget of the bride is low and she wants to do all the decorations with particular limit, then use rented columns with green plants on the top. This is also an option for the low cast decoration. If you want to match everything of the wedding with a special color tone then take bows with the same color and attach with the plant or columns. Certainly their look will be something extra ordinary.

There is another option to keep the decoration cost low, it to match with any theme for example garden theme. For this theme the bride arranges to hang shining buckets with special flowers to the selected pews.

Church decoration for the aisle is really simple, but it could be made in such a way that it may be remember for a long time. Use your creativity and ideal planning for it.

The Wedding Cake

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The Wedding CakeWe love to eat and let the others to eat as well the sweet cakes & pastries, but these traditions are not new. These are with human being from a long time, different in aspect and nearly strange and magical in shape.

Ultimately we are luckier than the people of past, because the things have change their shapes and became easier. Now everything is beautified and eye catching.

It is strange and astonishing that when the civilization started in Romans umpire, they bake the pastries from the wheat, five thousand years before. Ah! That was not pleasurable, because the cakes they made were not for eating but to break over the heads of their brides. This is history that the groom broke the cake over head of his bride and all of the invitees circled the couple collects the pieces as keepsake of fortune.

In the olden period the size of the wedding cake represents the fame and their quality of their admiration in the people. It is true that the guests bring the different layers of the cake. These tiers kept on each other one by one and to stick all of them they use apple sauce. In real the cakes of the middle age were gummy buns which guests brought up and kept up like a minaret. Interestingly the wedding couple kisses over the minaret like cake, which makes the cake filthy and unable for the guests to eat it later on.

Modifications took place and the fruit cakes came into being in 1800. People like them very much and used them on large scale. These cakes were brought to North America by the religious devotionals. Up till now the cake is used by the wedding couples.

For a prolific and enjoyable marriage the bride & groom cut the cake in Greece. Undoubtedly the custom came up to the present period from Greece. No matter what other customs surrounded the wedding cake – the world over it represented the same thing – the couple’s fertility.

The Wonderland Wedding Cake Of Winter

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The Wonderland Wedding Cake Of WinterSurely the winter wedding cake is the most beautiful and eye catching thing in the world. Imagine yourself that snow is falling over and making the festival elegant and marvelous. Winter weddings are preferable for many reasons. The top most reason is that they increase the pleasure & joy of the occasion.

If you want a cake in winter, then it will be a great thing to enjoy. There is a large variety of cakes which are created in winter season. It will be interesting for you to know that ice cream & mousses is demanding. If you have a creative sense, then you can make the winter cakes with your imagination.

When you are going to collect the ingredients of the cake, you will ask that what the most important element to make the cake is; surely it is ice cream or gel like substances. These substances are sensitive and may melt in warm season, so they are ideal for the winter weddings. The question it that how to decorate it, the answer is simple, take a cool mint icing with spun sugar decorations. It will be better for the season.

If you have a creative mind and you think in a unique way then you try to make the cake yourself, otherwise take the services of an experienced baker. With the help of a baker & designer you will be able to go in a right direction. First decide about the theme and choose the suitable flavor, design and frosting. These things are very important and should be cared much.

If are unable to find any baker, then ask to friends and family members. You will find that a lot of people have knowledge about cake making. If there is not any one to help you then check out any bridal salons or fairs that are going to visit your town. For pleasure and convenience these vacation planner, wedding planner or vacation planner gives their valuable services in cheaper rates. Really they are fantastic and creative to give you best result of your investment.

No doubt a winter wedding may be a fancy and amazing edible thing and with the perfect cake it will be as everlasting for your guests as the honeymoon will be memorable for you.

The Wedding Transport

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When you plan to arrive at your wedding spot on horse drawn carriage or on decorated car, you keep some conditions in your mind, for example cost, distance and style which affect you budget.

One thing you will keep in your mind that what is distance of venue from your house. If you are living near a church or wedding venue so you will able to reach there in one vehicle only. One journey will be enough, carrying your bridesmaids & mum first, and then come again for you.

After The Ceremony:

After the ceremony a decorated wedding car will be for you to take up to the reception. If there is another car it will take your bridesmaids. Your father will carry your mother to the reception area in his car, while the guests are responsible for their own transport.

Types Of Transport:

You can arrive at your wedding in any kind of transport that depends on your budget and the distance from your house to the place of venue.

Here are various kinds of transport you may select one for yourself:


Traditionally we use luxurious car on this occasion, for example Rolls Royce, limousine & Mercedes. They may easily be taken from any car dealer.

The color of car depends on your own will, but people nowadays prefer to sit in a white or cream color car. So book your favorite color car before few weeks.

If you want to give a extraordinary look, you may decorate the car with ribbons & flowers. The flowers may be fresh and have a matching with your car.

Borrowing A Car:

If you have a limited budget and can’t afford the car, you may request to any of your friend to loan it for a day. It will be your luck if he will offer himself as chauffeur.

Horse And Carriage:

The people who are more romantic and passionate choose to sit in horse drawn carriage. Keep in mind that:

1.         They are suitable for short journey.

2.         They take extra time, because they are slow moving.

3.         They will make problem if weather condition is bad.

4.         To overcome the weather condition, take a hood over the carriage.

5.         Remember horse carriage is suitable for summer season.


If you live near the venue of your wedding, then walk up to the venue with friends and invitees. You will find your husband and guests there. It gives a charming look to the viewer when you walk as a bride up to the wedding place


If you have an idea to cover the distance up to venue of wedding on helicopter, it will make a glamorous look. Everybody will admire you, but it will be expensive. We inform you that helicopter companies charge per hour rent. Secondly you have to take care of the landing place. Before your wedding occasion you have to check the area and make a surety about landing place.


If you have an idea to celebrate your wedding near a lake or river, then hire a big boat is suitable and elegant. Details can collect from any boat company. Beside all of the above given ideas, you may create any remarkable thing from your imagination.

Summer Wedding Flowers

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Summer Wedding FlowersAt last the summer came with a warmness and color. The flowers are blooming everywhere. The scenario became romantic. Couples decided to wed in this season. There friends and relatives advising them to have a wedding flower arrangement. Hence the bride and groom are miserable to choose the right colors, artistic designs and stylish arrangement.

Flowers are from tall flowering plants that are ideal for venue arrangements to delicate flowering annuals. In this summer wedding bouquet has been created by using roses, veronica, and freesias. These are traditional Summer Flowers, which may be use for your outstanding wedding.

Use stock and peony (a large round flower that is dark red, white, or pink) for summer wedding centerpiece. A wedding arrange around traditional summer flowers will be dynamic. Stock has pretty white and pink varieties, and a strong sweet fragrance.

Its choice will be better, because it is easily available throughout the spring and summer.

Very few people didn’t give their vote in favor of stock, because they think it an old-fashioned after the arrival of exotic tropical flowers, but they know very well that stock has a magical color and special attraction.

You know the wondrous and incredible effect of blue delphiniums? They are available at this time and they work well in these ceremonies arrangements. While gladioli play the same part and enhance the beauty of the surrounding.

Other flowers that can be a marvelous combination with traditional summer arrangements include irises, columbine (aquilegia) and snapdragons (Antirrhinums).

Wedding Flower Favorites:

All popular and exciting wedding flowers are available in this season and making a choice for excellent summer wedding flowers.   During this summer roses are blooming very much in our gardens and are a popular choice for so many brides. Nowadays there is no problem in getting roses year round from florists. Calla lilies and roses in an ivory bridal bouquet, roses and gerberas in a summer wedding bouquet

Lilies and calla lilies may be seen at many summer weddings. Calla lilies can make the most perfect white wedding flowers. They make a good combination with other flowers.

Lilies such as ‘stargazer’ can be used in venue arrangements. Their large blooms and fragrance make them a popular choice. Just make sure you do not get lily pollen on your white dress. It is impossible to remove on the day.

Gerberas may be used as another alternative. These round flowers are handsome for bridal bouquets; they add an artistic effect to reception area arrangements.

Unusual Summer Wedding Flowers:

Cockscomb is the fantastic flower that can be used as usual flower. Its plant gets the name from the crinkled, velvety flower head that are very much like a rooster’s comb. The flower adds a marvelous impression and gives enlighten the color to a bouquet and the whole atmosphere. You may purchase them from market in a large variety of colors which are pink, red and yellow.

Celosia And Calla Lily Bouquet:

Love-in-a-Mist is rarely used in wedding bouquets. However it can make a combination with various flowers like roses to make a different type of bouquet. The plant gets their names from the leaves that surround the flower heads. This can give a dynamic touch to your bouquet.

Summer weddings are our most busy time but also the time of the season we enjoy a lot, because flower blooms and enhance the total scenario.

Shape And Decoration Of The Wedding Cake

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Shape And Decoration Of The Wedding Cake

Every body knows about the romantics and traditions of the wedding. The wedding cake has become the central figure of the wedding.

Fantastic Role Of The Wedding Cake:

The shape of the wedding cake plays a fantastic role on this occasion, because when it become the center figure of the party the invitees take the picture of the cake for keeping them last long. The beauty of the cake reflects your personality and relationship as husband & wife. The flavor, the style, and cutting of the cake, counts and creates a magical role.

You are no need to worry about the size of the cake, because it comes in a large variety, round, square, oval, hexagonal and octagonal. It is fact that the cake gives an impression due to its style. If you follow the traditions, the round shape will be better for you, while the modern couples vote for tiered cake. The square, hexagonal, or octagonal also appeals them.

Serving mini cakes is also an appealing trend for the newly wed couples. They come in different flavors and sizes. These unique cakes serve to each guest having different flavor, which pleased every guest.

The shape of the cake may be given according to the central idea. For example if you have a relationship with a long distance, then your cake may be in the shape of a telephone, or the couple love to dance, then the cake may be in the shape of a ballroom.

Finishing Touches:

For decoration and finishing touches you may choose edible flowers, because the colorful flowers attract everybody. You may decorate the top of a plain   or frosted cake by spreading confectioner’s sugar powder, with lavender, borage, calendulas, or sweet violets. The cake may be beautified by mounting an edible sweet bridal doll on the top.

Don’t underestimate the sugar, it adds an impressive and eye catching effect. The flowers which are you using should be neat & clean, they should be non-toxic, while the fruits should be free from pesticide. If you want to give the cake a fantastic touch, you may use fresh berries. They may be piled on top of the cake. The fresh berries enhance the beauty of the cake.

Remember one thing that the cut fruit didn’t last long and may change their colors, so cut them before an hour of beginning of the party. In the other case the cut fruits may trickle down their juice and change the shape of the cake.


If you will spread or press crushed chopped or candied nuts on the sides or on the bottom of the frosted, carrot, or spice cakes, they will give an elegant look and improve the finishing touch. The nuts also hide beautifully the finger prints or dents.

Chocolate Curls:

If you want to make the chocolate curls, then take peeler for shaving curls from the large bar of a chocolate. When cutting the chocolate, first warm it by rubbing your hands over the surface for one or two times. For getting the best results, use thick block of chocolate. The thin bar will not give a suitable result. Keep in mind that the heat of hands can melt the curls of the chocolate, so when transferring them to cake, wear a pair of gloves.

Seven Steps To A Tropical Wedding

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Seven Steps To A Tropical Wedding

When anybody say tropical wedding your mind makes an imagination of coconut trees, wet sand beaches and heart touching moonlit nights. Everything seems to be amazing. There are so many things which you have to decide.

1. Which will be the location?

2. Where to spend the honeymoon.

3. Organize your wedding.

For a perfect wedding plan here are seven steps for you:

Step 1: Choose A Tropical Location:

If you are giving your vote in favor of tropical wedding, then you have to decide for the location. Choose a romantic island or any place which is near the seaside. Keep in mind your budget and make the plan accordingly. The famous locations for tropical wedding are:

Bahamas. Florida. Costa Rica. Barbados. Hawaii. California. Jamaica. Still if you are unable to decide, then take help from net.

Step Two: A Wedding Theme:

If you want to make your wedding unique, make a theme for it, like:

1. Beach wedding ideas.

For a perfect and ideal wedding take tips & ideas for a master planning.

2. Nautical wedding ideas.

Tropical wedding is a term for tropical countries, don’t take it as beach.

3. Flower theme ideas.

Choose tropical flowers as your theme of wedding.

4. Color theme ideas.

Tropical colors play a vital role in this theme, so choose colors like, red & light blue.

Step Three: A Tropical Wedding Dress:

Always remember a traditional tropical wedding dress should be elegant, but light in weight. It will be better if it is simple and white in color. By adding flowers you can enhance the beauty of your dress. As footwear for bride is concern, sandals are most suitable. If the location of the wedding is any beach, then sandals & shoes are not necessary, the bride, groom and guests may put off their shoes to enjoy the wet sand.

Dress for groom & groomsmen may be linen pants and white shirt. A Hawaiian shirt may be another choice. If the bridegroom is bare footed, then sandals and shoes are not necessary for men.

Step 4: Wedding Flowers Selection:

The selection of wedding flowers depends upon the location & season. It is not necessary that certain flowers are available every time. Make a contact with your wedding planner, he will arrange for the perfect flowers.

Step 5: Local Music & Entertainment:

If the music & entertainment is related with the location it will give a wondrous effect. If you have arranged your wedding in any island, then engage local form of attractions. Like in Hawaii arrange fire, hula dancers & local music, whereas in Mexico a Mariachi trio or a steel band will be a wonderful choice.

Step 6: Wedding Favors:

Surely a wedding is an occasion which is remembered for a long time, so you send you send your guests to home with wedding favor. It should be related with the tropical location.

Step 7: The Honeymoon:

If you have arranged your wedding at any resort, then you should make an enquiry about the honeymoon package, you may get a special offer for honeymoon suites. The couples, who have unique ideas, prefer to arrange the wedding at far distances and like to have their honeymoon at some other place, like any hotel. This hotel may be located far away from the venue of wedding ceremony.

Red Wagon Decoration For A Wedding

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Don’t take any tension; it is easy to decorate a red wagon for a wedding. The wagon will look elegant and wonderful and you are not going to consume all of your energy in this task. First conceive the theme of your wedding and decide that for what you are using the red wagon, that will help you in the decoration. Here are the best ideas how to decorate a red wagon for wedding.


If you are a creative and imaginative person then you decide yourself and take new ideas from your mind, because the basic decorating methods of cars and wagons are similar to the other items of wedding. There are not any restricted rules and regulations for it.

Some ideas are as follows:

1) Stick the colorful ribbons according to length of the wagon in such a manner that it shows the letter ‘W’. Attach all the ribbons on the roof of the wagon.

2) Gum or stick artificial flowers to the corners and to roof of the wagon where the ribbons meet.

3) If you are selecting a red wagon for wedding then choice contrast color ribbons for decoration. It will be better to take light colors.

4) The wheels of the wagons may be decorated with a large flower in the center. The other option is that you can decorate the wheels with small flowers making a circle inside.

5) Wrap the colorful ribbons around the handle and it will give a wonderful look. Second option is that you wrap strand of artificial leaves around it.

6) Decorate the inside portion of the wagon with nice silk or any other valuable materials. It will give an interesting and impressive look. As a whole it will be wondrous. If you have not any idea, then take help from internet. Net has really remarkable ideas for decoration of all kinds of cars. It will also indicate you the accessories of decoration. Ribbons, bows and flowers add beauty to the subject, so take them and use them. The net will improve you ideas and imaginations.

If the wedding has a particular theme with it, then choose decorations according to the theme.

Matching for every occasion is necessary. It enhances the beauty of the object.

* If you are going to decorate the red wagon ask about color scheme of the wedding, take matching flowers with the scheme. Also make an enquiry about the person who is using the wagon. If it will be used by flowers girls, then you have to match the color and style of their gowns.

You should be sure that where the wagon will be used inside or outdoor.

* If it will be used outdoors, surely make the wagon decorations weather proof. The mischievous and ugly wind damages whole decoration. It also looses all of the accessories, so decorate in such a manner that wind can not give you any damage and disaster. Use thick and strong materials that will handle natural weather conditions.

Decorate the wagon according to the occasion. According to arrangements:

* If children will be riding and will sit inside, make sure that the bottom of the wagon is comfortable and soft for sitting. Make sure that the seats are not hard to sit. It will be better to place the blankets under a pretty piece of material. Also make sure the decorations are not pointy and sharp.

* The wagon may be used for different purposes, If it will be used to store presents, then put a thin piece of material on the inside of the wagon, so that you may get more space to fill it with presents.

* If the wagon will be used for display purpose only, then make a small platform for the wagon to sit on so that it is more visible for the guests to look at. The decoration of the platform should be similar to the wagon.

Polka Dot Wedding Cakes

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Polka Dot Wedding Cakes

You know what is the trend of wedding cakes today? Surely it is polka dot, because it is romantic, magnificent, and elegant. Every bride & grooms cast their vote in its favor. Really polka dot produces happiness, fun, and gives a magical   impression. When you put it on the central table it seems to be graceful. All eyes focus on it and everybody admires it beauty.

There is a wide variety of cakes in this regard, but the brides may create an amazing, stylish and fantastic presentation with the combination of two colors only. If you are still confused and facing any jeopardy, consult with any florist or any specialist. The designers who are related to any bakery may also help in this matter. Keep in mind that there are flower polka dot wedding cakes are also available. Choose an impressive design cake and make your wedding memorable for a long.  The polka dot may be used as the theme of a wedding, to enhance the mood, brightness and expression of that particular day of our lives.

The theme of the polka dot wedding cake is unique and popular, so it is liked by trendy bride & grooms. Undoubtedly they choose polka dot wedding cake when they want to impress & attract their beloved friends and relatives. Produce your own polka dot wedding cake design for better result and taste. Remember that the cake reflects your personality and character.

It is very easy to create it, because you may choose any traditional wedding cake and decorate it with polka dot style. Make it with flowers, like buttons, daises, star, dots or any other beautiful pattern which appeals you.

Choose a traditional white color wedding cake and make it according to your imagination. Paint the cake in polka dot pattern. If you want to decorate it in a unique way then choose different color combinations. Surely your cake will look amazing & strange.

If you are going for a polka dot cake, select a beautiful theme for it. The romantic theme can be used in dress of the bride or in the dresses of bridesmaid. Remember that the other decorative item may be matched with the particular theme.

That will be highly romantic and elegant when the dresses and the item in surrounding will be in incorporate with polka dot. This combination will give a superlative and memorable impetration to the invitees. Don’t confuse for the selection of the color of the polka dot wedding cake; they are yellow, green, red, black and pink. These are attractive and magical colors which make stunned the viewers.

There are various color combinations for polka dot wedding cakes, for example choice black & white. It will be fantastic. To enhance the beauty of celebration a bride can choose the pink & white color. White and yellow is also unique that makes the atmosphere princess and puts it on top of the world. The atmosphere becomes jubilant when the choice of the color will be perfect.